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CSC Examination

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Has anyone recently taken their CSC exam that is offered through the AACN? I am scheduled to take it in less than two weeks and was curious what everyones thoughts were. I currently have my CCRN as well as my CMC. So far I thought the CMC was the most difficult and have heard that from others. If any of you have taken this exam recently what study resources did you use? I am currently using two different ones. 1) The online review offered through the AACN. 2) Nicole Kupchik Ace the CSC book. I have mainly been focusing on the CSC book. It comes with two practice exams in the back, both of which I have taken. The questions seem very difficult. On both practice exams I scored a 72/90. I don't know discouraged by that or not. If anyone has suggestions or thought I would love to hear them.

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