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Cruise ship nursing

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All of the cruise ships that I've sailed on either as a crewmember or guest in the past 5 years either had an internet lounge or wireless connections in certain areas. However, it is more expensive than on land. You usually have to buy some type of internet card or internet plan. On the other hand, a lot of the ports the cruises visit have cheaper internet cafes or coffee shops w/wi-fi.

SteelCity_RN specializes in Pediatric Critical Care.

LZ RN, I have some questions for you regarding your flight experience and your recent cruise ship job. I am brand new to this site and tried to message you but couldnt figure out how to. If you know how, please drop me a message. Thanks

Dang. I never even thought about taking along my ole lady. Sign me up.

Of course, I better get that RN first. I've been a medic, but I never flew in a whirly bird like LZ did.

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