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Cross training Med Onc with Hematology?

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by AshMac3 AshMac3, BSN (New) New Nurse

AshMac3 is a BSN and specializes in Ambulatory Oncology and Medical Day Nursing.

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I work in a Hematology/Medical Day Ambulatory clinic currently and we are building a new Cancer Centre.  There had been discussions on cross training our Med Onc and Hem/BMT nurses to work in both areas. Any experiences at other centres with cross training in these areas? Do you have specific pods designated to type of treatments/disease/etc or is it all integrated together? We’re trying to brainstorm what would be best for patient care and staff training. 

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OncologyCat has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical Hematology/Oncology/Stem Cell Transplant.

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I used to work on a mixed medical onc/heme onc/BMT (inpatient). We have a special pod for the BMT population, and also 2 beds for I-131 administration. Med onc and heme onc are all mixed together on the unit, and depending on bed availability ofc. There was a time when one pod has all med onc but the other pod is all heme onc 😂 All nurses are trained to care for med onc and heme onc pts, but they can’t care for BMT pts until they have at least one year of onc experience. 

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