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My hospital is offering cross training to L&D, ER and OR. My long term goal is to be a WHNP/Nurse midwife. My question is should I grab the L&D opportunity now early in my practice or start with ER and eventual move to L&D? Both areas interest me. I've also heard from season L&D RN's that those who have had ER experience do well in L&D training. Background: I've been on Med-Surg a little over year and half. Thanks in advance! :)

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If you are absolutely sure about becoming a CNM, you need to grab that L&D opportunity. There's no guarantee that you would be able to do so in the future if you move into ED instead. L&D can be a pretty tough area to enter. Exposure to the realities of L&D may also make you change you mind about CNM, so it is probably better to find out right away.


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