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Ok fellow CRNP's. I need some advice! I am in a bit of a bind. I graudated from NP school with my master's degree in May of 2017. I had my first child right after I graduated. I was able to take a great maternity leave and started a job at a Family Practice where I precepted. I was really excited about the opportunity but the longer I stay there the more I am starting to notice that there are a lot of inconsistencies in the practice. I worry about working there because not only am I seeing patient's treated unfairly, told their labs are normal when they are not, but am also seeing inconsistencies in treatment practices. For example I've been told not to prescribe medications for patients with high blood pressures with pseudoephedrine bc it'll drive up BP. I understand that but then the other NP will do exactly that and not acknowledge that she told me during training not to do that. (Small example). It's like it's OK for her to do it but if I do it the end of the world happens.

I understand you have to have a minimum of 1000 clinical hours in practice to maintain your certification (I used AANP as my certification body).

My question to you all is this: I only have about 8 months of CRNP experience. I have looked for other jobs while I work but have only interviewed for one job (after I've applied for several jobs).

My question to any CRNP out there is this: Did you take any time off to raise your children? If you did, was it difficult for you to get back into the work force? I worry that with my limited CRNP experience it will be difficult for me to find a job if I decide to quit and stay home with my baby and return to the field in a few years. I have 6 years of RN experience.

Any advice or personal experiences would greatly be appreciated.

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