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crne3xfail/safepractice expired

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Hey Guys, was wondering if i could get some guidance! i landed canada in year 2010, did my papers for nursing registration with CNO as i have my foreign nursing degree. By year 2012 october i miserably failed in all 3 test attempts. my safe practice period is expired as i last worked as a registerd nurse overseas in the year 2010. lately got news from my friends that, during my final attempt, there was a trouble some where in the exam hall & CNO had given 1 more chance to exam takers, not sure if this news is valid!

i took PSW course in canada and worked from 2011 to 2013 in same, later my firm promoted me as maintenance manager. to be honest guys i would love to pursue my nursing career. what should i do? need help. tnx guys.


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I'm pretty sure that if CNO was giving a free pass, fourth attempt due to a disturbance you would have gotten a letter in the mail.

Look into what you can do with a degree. Pharmaceutical sales?

Instead of hoping for miracles from the CNO, you will be better off making realistic plans to pursue your nursing career. Maybe you can pursue a PSW to RPN program. Maybe your employer can adjust your hours of work and/or provide you with tuition assistance. If you really want to practice nursing again, look into your options for school, surround yourself with supportive family and friends, work hard and persevere.

Regarding a job in pharmaceutical sales, it is not the right time to seek this type of employment because most pharmaceutical companies have been laying off employees for the past two years.