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crne 2011

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well l have just joned this forum and am still learning to use it! :confused: l am an international nurse from Africa and will be writing the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam this feb 2011. This is my second attempt and l am very nervous as you can imagine. Would like to find out which books are best to use and is there a big difference between the 4th edition CNA prep guide and the 5th edition. l have the 4th edition and cant really afford to get another one.l have also borrowed the Lippincott prep guide from the fvr library.l am very worried about this exam and just want some advice and any tips for passing. Are there any people out there who are meeting and studying together?l am currently in aldergrove.



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Hi, I go to UFV (Based out of chilliwack), i would actually contact the health sciences center and see what they use for their 4th year students. I know they go on sale for half price at the bookstore there all the time, and you dont need to be a student to buy them.

Also go to the Canadian forums here... theres a big thread on what ppl are using to study


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To SarahUFVsn, thank you very much for the information! :yelclap: l did check the canadian forums as you advised and got additional information. Wish you all the best in your studies and have a happy new 2011!!

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There are many many threads in this and the Canadian forum discussing the CRNE. So will close this one as you seem to have found some answers

Best of luck

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