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has anyone used these resources in preparation for the crne:

1) mosby's canadian comprehensive review of nursing text & your guide to short answer questions on the crne package

2) blueprint for the canadian registered nurse examination june 2005 -may 2010

i just want to know what these resources include before going out and buying them as i already have the cna prep guide (3rd and 4th ed) and have the new mosby's prep guide (which just seems like a book of questions to me). i am buying the lippincott one as well. thanks so much for your help!



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I had Mosby - OK for content but questions more like the N-CLEX than the CRNE.

The CNA book is by far the closest to the question style, as is their on-line test. However, the exam is way trickier.

I haven't seen the Lippincot but I know they, like Mosby, are big in the N-CLEX market so fear that would also be geared to the more technical rather than the psyche-social of the CRNE


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I have both the Mosby and CRNE guide 4th edition. My prof recommends studying from the CRNE b/c they make the exam and the questions are a lot closer to the CRNE exam than the Mosby text which is more silmilar to NCLEX type questions.


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Having done the exam & used both resources I agree with your prof - as per my earlier comments & my comments on other threads.

I wish there were more materials available from the CNA. A whole other book of practice questions wouldn't have gone amiss!

Still, I passed & I'm sure most of you will!


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I was just trying to find this information myself :)

I found this website helpful: as it explains about the Canadian Prep guide and a readiness test.

Hope you find it useful too.

Good luck!!

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