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CRNAs in Las Vegas?

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by pogi pogi (Member)

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I was wondering if their are prospects of a nursing school in the valley offering CRNA training...are CRNAs needed here in vegas? it's something i would like to look into but i would hate to go to an out of state school. thanks! :)

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Reno1978 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in SRNA.

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Hey, pogi.

You can visit http://www.aana.com/ and view a list of accredited CRNA programs. (The programs are listed under the "Becoming a CRNA" heading on the side-menu)

There are no programs in Nevada. There are some in neighboring states.

http://www.crnacareers.com/ & http://www.gaswork.com/ are sites where CRNA job listings are posted and there are listings for CRNAs needed in the Las Vegas area. Unfortunately, schooling would have to happen out of state.

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