CRNAs with disabilities?

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I just got out of the Navy in March and am in nursing school full time. I am exploring different APN careers and thats why I am here on this forum. I was wondering if the CRNAs out there have any experience with a recognized disability or know someone who might have a mental or physical condition that has disabled them, but could be overcome. Just to clarify, I'm not talking about being in a wheelchair or anything thats clearly noticeable and limiting. Thank you for your time.

Ha, ha. I'm not sure what kind of disability you are talking about. But I've never seen a bigger bunch of OCD people than in a crowd of anesthetists. Apparently, it is almost welcomed and expected. So if this is the issue, it might even help to tell them during the interview.

Heh thats funny. No, I'm not OCD. I'm talking about PTSD. One thing that definitely helps me not to think about the things I've seen is to really get involved in my work, whether its studying or projects around the house.

As long as you don't start tuning out things related to anesthesia and your patient, ability to focus is a plus. But see how you like high intensity nursing before you decide.

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