CRNA/SRNA as a single parent


Hello, is there anyone who went to CRNA school as a single parent and little supports?? I know there are a lot of super moms out there and would love to hear about how you structure your days? What is challenging for you? How much time do you spend with your child? And what does a regular day looks like for you??

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I know individuals who have gone to school as single parents and what they have said is you really need that family/friend support with babysitting and individuals to support the kids. 

I would say organizing is key and scheduling your days so they are supported. Wish I could be of more help but I haven't been in that situation.

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You will need a plan for full-time child care because your schedule can get chaotic.  Have a pot of savings so your won't have 6 figure debt  and you can't count on working while you are in school except for the occasional shift.