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CRNA schools in Illinois 2020 (Rush University / Northshore University)

by TSRN TSRN, ADN, RN (New) New

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Hi Everyone,

I have applied/planning to apply to 2 CRNA schools in Illinois. Rush University & Northshore University. Anyone else applied to these schools this year (2020)? I would like to know from those who had applied last year who is the interview process.

Also, if anyone is already an SRNA in these schools, how do you like it? I have the minimum requirements listed for applying. I am wondering anyone else got into these schools with minimum requirements?

I am very nervous and anxious 😣

Thanks and good luck to all.

Hi, because of the risk of defaming Rush University's CRNA program, I won't disclose my relationship to the program.

That being said, I wouldn't consider attending Rush. I have interacted with both Roselind Franklin's and Northshore's students and program and both seem superior to the experience I had with Rush. If you are paying for your education, I would go elsewhere honestly. The environment in the anesthesia administration at Rush is toxic. Go elsewhere. Best of luck. Anesthesia is fun and an awesome carrier. But don't go to Rush.

I went to both NorthShore and Rush's open houses last year pre-COVID. I was happy to meet current students at each. While the students seemed a little relaxed and had an open question section with several students at NorthShore, I felt that the students seemed happy at both. I would say however a Rush student approached me privately after the presentation and told me he felt it was a little militaristic in terms of infrastructure. He said fighting for cases with anesthesia residents wasn't fun but they had better pass rates than NorthShore and that he always felt supported by the school.

At the NorthShore open house someone in the crowd asked why their pass rates were so low and what they were doing on their end to attempt to improve them. They acknowledged since they had transitioned to a DNP program they felt that students had spent more time on their research at the closing of the program, traveled immediately after graduating and other strange excuses but ultimately answered the question pretty honestly which I appreciated. I think they were just still finding their footing at the time and may not have had the scores similar to Rush who has been a DNP for awhile.

This has nothing to do with the outcomes of going to the school there but the admission process at NorthShore is old school. They wanted everything mailed in and with me living so far away and LOR in different states, to mail everything in as a package was kind of silly. Hopefully that changes.