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CRNA school and 10 year pre req limit?

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Hello All ---

I am in the process of getting through a year of critical care experience. I am going to be applying to CRNA school in the near future but have a question maybe some of you with experince could help me out with. The first "problem" that i have is I notice some schools have a pre req requirment with respect to the sciences. It is not this that I have a problem with, as I have taken organic I and II and general I and II. The issue is that some schools state that the courses need to be completed in the last 10 years as I am quickly approaching that point. My question to you is, assuming anyone would know, is this a standard requirement at most CRNA schools? I really dont feel like jerking around in an organic chemistry lab all over again inhaling benzene etc, i kind of feel like i am beyond that at this point in my life, i have already done it so why should i have to do it all over again? If there are some CRNA schools with less strict standards with respect to there pre req admissions I would be interested to know. Again, i have taken Organic I and II in addition to Microbiology and general chem I and II, but by the time i hit the application process I think its going to be > than 10 years.

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Not every schools have these classes as a requirement. Call the schools in your area and find our for sure. None of the schools in my area require organic or biochemistry.

Some schools require five years but each school is different. Wolford in Florida is one that is not as strict and a know a couple of pple the have been admitted after graduating from undergrand more than ten years ago. They are located in florida and it is nurse run. Make sure you look at each school inidividually some do not even require a chemistry just depends.

Some schools may not require it, but the boards requirements are the same.

The more you know, the better prepared you'll be. The basis of any pathophys book is biochemistry.

I am a Wolford student, and some of my classmates cried their hearts out after the first Chem test ...

Even thought getting in is easier in some places, staying in is just as hard... :)


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Even thought getting in is easier in some places, staying in is just as hard... :)

at my school, the saying goes that it is harder to get out than in.. now THAT i love.. they must really care about their students, for which we are all grateful at some point in the curriculum...

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