CRNA school from NICU?


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Hi everyone,

I am currently a BSN-RN in a level IV NICU. I am interested in CRNA school and the programs I am looking at require ICU experience. I know that NICU has ICU in the name but I was wondering if it counts because it is not adult care. I just started my NICU job as a new grad, so I have several years before I want to go back to school, I just wanted to make sure that my specialty is relevant to my future goals.

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You wil have to research what school accept it as critical care experience. Some do, but If memory serves me right most do not and those that do sometimes rank it lower on the list of accepted ICUs. All working in the NICU does for you is that it narrows down what schools you can apply to. Now hypothetically if you wanted to go to a school that doesn't require the GREs, you just made your school selection very small. So is it impossible to get into school with But it may just make your life a little harder, thats all. Good Luck.

Go look at ....I think thats the correct website, it has a great list of schools and their requirements. You should be able to find the info you need there.

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I am a NICU nurse and I have an interview for school next week. I also have experience with PICU. Another NICU nurse that I worked with got accepted and is currently in her first year of classes.

You will be limiting your school choice by quite a bit.

There are many benefits I see in coming from the NICU to CRNA school. I also see hurdles but every area is going to have hurdles that they will overcome.