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CRNA school interview study resources

by catty_cat_cat catty_cat_cat (New) New Nurse

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Hi all,

here are some study materials that I compiled while I was preparing for my CRNA interview. Thought I would share with anyone who is interested or have nothing better to do. I found most of the information online (a lot of which came from the allnurse SRNA forum and you may notice a lot of stuff is directly copy/pasted. I wanted to consolidate everything into a single Google document so please forgive the rampant plagiarizing. This was purely for my own personal study guide, and I do not profit from this in any way. In fact, there are probably A LOT of errors/conflicting info since I compiled this in a very short time. If you find any errors or would like to add any additional info please email me and I would be happy to update this document. You may notice there is a lot of cardiac stuff since I came from a cardiac unit. I think this study sheet would benefit from input from other ICUs as well, so please chime in! It would be nice if we can grow this into something that can benefit future applicants, but ultimately you’ll have to tailor your focus to your specific unit/field of specialty.

Also, despite all my preparation I don’t think I was asked any of the materials that I studied for! It sounds like different schools are focused on different things so don’t feel like you need to know everything.

Lastly, please excuse the atrocious formatting, I may get to it at some point.


Thank you for sharing this information

KervensRN, BSN

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Hello  catty_cat_cat, I’ve been invited to interview for one of the CRNA programs I’ve applied to. Can you grant me access to the file shared? Any suggestions on how to prepare and what to expect/anticipate would be amazing! I am kind of stressed as I am sure everyone that’s been in my shoes are. 

KervensRN, BSN

Specializes in SICU. Has 3 years experience.

 @catty_cat_cat, thank you! That was really quick, will take a look. Just briefly looking through it, it is quite very in-depth.