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Hi, new here. I had this posted in the general area then was alerted that it would probably be a better fit in here.

At 24 years old I'm considering completely changing majors in college and going into the nursing field. After doing some research I'm most interested in ultimately becoming a CRNA (even though it seems like a super uphill path). However, There are a few things I'm wondering about before fully immersing myself in this field, as it's a huge commitment and undertaking.

If you have information/answers to just ONE of the questions listed, then I'd be truly grateful for your input.

  • What's the typical work schedule like for CRNA's? As a nurse-anesthetist, is it common/possible to work three days out of a week for 12 hour shifts as nurses do? If not, is it possible to only work weekdays with weekends and holidays off? If so, what would the weekday work hours typically be like?
  • With the economy the way it is, what's the job market like for nurse-anesthetists? I've heard that current new-grad nurses are having a really tough time finding a job (not sure how true that is) but currently are new grad CRNAs also struggeling to find a stable job?
  • Is it true that as someone starting from ground zero in the nursing field, I am looking at minimum 10 years till the end point of schooling where I'd be a full-fledged CRNA?
  • For any nurse-anesthetists out there reading this, what do you find the most challenging and stressful aspect of your job? What do you enjoy the most and the least of your line of work?

Thanks again for all the help and 2-cents folks. :)

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All these questions are answered in the "sticky" section at the top of the page. Read those and if you have more questions (that are not covered there) feel free to ask them at that time.


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It might be hard to find the 3 12 hour shift jobs. New grads won't get multiple offers without anyone checking a reference any more. There was a time that was true, now you'll need good clinical experience and a good attitude. You might have to more but you'll find a job.

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