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CRNA program in Tampa bay-maybe Orlando???

Hi everybody!

I live in Tampa and am looking forward to get into CRNA program one day. I found USF and Barry university have CRNA programs in Tampa. Do you know how hard is it to get in them? Is anyone form these schools?

I did not find other schools in Tampa, if there are more, let me know, I 'd appreciate it a lot!

I am also looking at Orlando schools. I am probably not going to move there as I have a husband and kids here...But what I am thinking is when you are in the program, how many days a week do you need to go to lectures, clinicals? Of course, I will take online classes if there are any.Maybe it is not too bad, if I need to drive there twice-three times a week. I wonder how often I will be needed to go to Orlando (if I am admitted of course)

The question is: Should I to apply to Orlando schools if I am not going to move there even for the time of study?

Did anyone face the same dilemma?

Florida Hospital in Orlando has a new CRNA program. First class is underway: www.fhchs.edu

You also have Wolford College in Naples. I believe they have just expanded their program too: www.wolford.edu

I have read about students attending class and clinicals in Orlando for Barry too, but don't have particulars.

And Florida Gulf Coast University isn't too far to consider. I didn't know there was a program in Orlando now too, that's good to know. There seem to be quite a few people on AN from Barry, so you should be able to get some decent info. I've still never seen a post from a USF SRNA on allnurses. I met a few at a career fair, but I just talked with them for a few minutes. No CRNA school is easy to get into, if you post your stats people might be able to give you an idea if you have a chance at any in FL.

Actually Wofford and Florida Gulf Coast aren't THAT close to Tampa...

You are talking 2 hours to Ft Myers and almost 3 to Naples...

Depending on where you are in Tampa Bay area, Orlando can be a viable option. But USF is not bad.

Oh, I'm not saying Naples and Ft. Myers are close - the commute would be very unpleasant from Tampa proper. FGCU does clinicals in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties, which are far from Tampa proper, but not as bad if you move a little further south and both you and your SO commute for a couple of years. Wolford is farther away, but only the first 12 months have to be done in Naples - they have a North Tampa "hub" that you can train at for your last 16. I looked up FHCHS too, and they don't provide a listing of clinical sites. I would assume that they are in/near Orlando then, just since it seems like they'd advertise multiple locations if they had them. Also interesting, since I know nothing about Florida Hospital - their website claims the curriculum is "Christian." Something to keep in mind, however it applies to your own belief system. All of the above is from the websites of the three schools, so if something is out of date, please let me know!

I'm married, and my husband's job is in Tampa and Tampa only - he doesn't work in a field where he can get a new job easily, and if I have to quit to go back to school, we need one of us to remain employed. That means my first choices are Barry and USF, although I'm not sure in what order yet. However, the other schools, even with a commute/move/cheap apartment on my own for weeknights, are better options than never getting to become a CRNA at all. I believe in keeping my options open!

Yes, I would have to stick to USF and Barry myself. We live South Hillsborough County, but my husband works in St. Pete. Any further commute, he won't go for that.

The program in Orlando wouldn't be too bad, as long as gas prices stay the same! :p

Is is really not possible to work during the CRNA program?

Everything I've read on this site and elsewhere says it's really not possible to work while in a CRNA program. About all I've heard of is of some people working rare PRN shifts during the first year of a front-loaded program, which might be a little more possible if you could take a couple of your first year classes early, before you apply. If anyone has successfully kept working enough hours to make a difference, please feel free to correct me!


A year ago I moved from Tampa to Philadelphia for a CRNA program. I was up in the air about staying in florida though. I had looked into both USF, barry, and FIU. They are all good schools but different in their own way. I have friends who chose each of those and of course there are pros and cons to each. USF is a new program. You receive a masters in nursaing so your core classes are nursing classes (research, policy etc) compared to barry which is a masters in science so your core are science classes (physics etc). Although from a job market, you are fine with either, the classes you take are different and may be more difficult or easier based on your strengths and weaknesses. USF is totally front loaded where the entire first yr you are in the classroom and entire second yr you are in clinical. I am just finished my first yr of my program in philly and our program is mixed. This means that as my first yr begins, clinical kicks in gradually. As my friend is just into her 2nd yr at USF she has about 300 cases completed with about less than a yr to go. I have 400 cases with still a yr and a half to go. so there is a bit of difference in your exposure clinically depending on how the class schedule is set up. Barry allows you to take classes and do clinical from a distant site such as tampa for most of the program, it is very very expensive. USF is cheap if you are a tampa resident but only done through tampa sites. barry asks that you do not work at all during school, usf allows you to as long as your grades remain above their standard.

hope this helps. between the 2 schools i think barry is the better choice just because it is not new and has a great program....but i know their drop out rate is high because it is tough. USF is still workign out the kinks i hear.

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