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Hey Everybody,

This is my first time posting to the forum. I have been a CRNA for several years, and I am interested in joining a CRNA only group w/ the potential of becoming a partner. I live in the southeast, so if anybody has any leads or ideas, I would appreciate it. I have checked several job boards such as, and various agency boards. Thanks!


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May I ask why you want to join a CRNA only group?


jim, CRNA


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Does the "southeast" include Georgia? I know of a well-paying CRNA only group outside the Atlanta area if you are asking..


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I have been doing anesthesia as a CRNA for 15 years and I really enjoy it. I honestly think I found my niche after doing ICU/CCU/PACU for several years.

Right now I work in a state in the southeast in a major univ medical center (sorry for being kind of paronoid in case some folks I work w/ are "lurking" here) where I think I have just about had it w/ the acedemic working model for awhile...I've been here for 5 years. I enjoy doing my own cases sometimes, but the majority of the time all the "big" cases go to the anesthesia residents or I end up supervising the SRNA's/teaching all the time. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it and feel like I am good at teaching students, but I need a change.

I have worked in the private sector w/ anesthesiologists and CRNA's in a group, but I never got to talk to the patient's families (I know alot of CRNA's don't like to do that) but I personally enjoy the family contact. So, since I have done alot of that, I would like to try something working in a CRNA only group.

I have alot of varied experience and enjoy doing big cases (AAA's, etc.) as well as occasional days of EGD's and colonoscopies. I like doing my own lines and spinals, epidurals, etc.

Regarding the CRNA group in Georgia, yes, I would be very interested in contacting them. Could you please e-mail me privately at [email protected] regarding where in Georgia the group is, etc.

Thanks, sweetsleeper CRNA

Kiwi, BSN, RN

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There is a hand surgery practice in Louisville, KY called Kleinert and Kutz The hand surgeons employ only CRNAs. The practice is based in Jewish hospital, which has a hand trauma unit. The facilities are new and state of the art. The CRNAs there do general and local anesthesia, and lots of bier blocks. PM me if you want more info about this practice or Louisville, KY. It's a great place to live.


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I think I can understand where you are coming from. You want a direct link via anesthesia to the patient and family. So often while visiting the patient in preoperative holding area, I truly feel like an ancillary person while in the presence of the anesthesiologist. Rarely does the patient realize, I'm the person who will being doing the bulk, if not all of their anesthetic. I do on most occasions try to emphasize that I'm the nurse anesthetist.

Not only for your own personal satisfaction, I believe that you will be helping the CRNA profession by expanding the ranks of CRNA only groups. Plus, I'm sure it will make you think and grow in new areas of anesthesia.

Goodluck in your future endeavor.

jim, CRNA


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I must say you have a way w/ words! You hit on the head what I am trying to do, and you expressed it quite eloquently! I guess for me, the money of the profession is fine, but I did not go into anesthesia for that. I went into it because I wanted to grow as a person and as a professional. When I was just working as an RN, there were times I got so bored w/ the same old thing that I was doing, I just wanted to scream! I love patient and family interaction, but I also enjoy the "intensiveness" of anesthesia. And I love to see what anesthesia does. I absolutely enjoy getting an extremely nervous, vocal patient (and their family) and talking to them, starting the IV (which I am pretty good at), and then titrating in some good ole Versed so that I can visibly see the patient (and their family members) relax and even smile! I enjoy taking care of the young mother-to-be who is going to have a c/section. Alot of times I can talk her into a spinal so she can "hear her baby cry for the first time" and daddy being in the room w/ her. There have been very few times that I have not seen a tear in the mama's eyes when she hears that cry for the first time. THAT is what makes me feel like I have accomplished something that day. Am I strange or what?

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