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Hi everyone! I'm SRNA set to graduate in May of 2025. My partner lived in Hawaii for four years through military service and wants to move back for a few years after I graduate (and before we start thinking about kids and have to move back to be close to grandmas and grandpas).

I can't seem to find too much information on how hospitals operate out there. From what I gather, Queens doesn't hire CRNAs, but Kaiser and Straub do. Will those who work at these facilities (or any other options I haven't explored yet) help me build a pros and cons list? I don't have any specialties I hate, peds still make me uncomfortable but I think that's just due to my lack of experience. I prefer medical supervision over medical direction but I'm training at a major teaching hospital with medical direction, so I know I can work well in that team environment regardless. I hear parking is rough at Straub but Kaiser is easy. I'd be highly unlikely to work at a facility that requires a 14 hour shift, so ideally other options are available. Do either of the facilities have label printers? LOL Any information is helpful! I'm headed to Hawaii in October 2024 for my birthday and thought it might not be a bad idea to throw in some applications and spend a day touring facilities and talking to people if it works out.

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