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I have an interview for Texas Wesleyan's CRNA program coming up and I am interested if anyone has interviewed with this University, and if so, what were the types of questions that were asked. This is the most exciting/nerve racking/stressful/wonderful thing I've ever been through!!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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let me know how it goes. I am planning to apply there but for the 2013 school year. By the way, how was the GRE??

I plan to take my CCRN next month and the GRE soon after. I am nervous and excited for you! Please keep in touch! Thanks in advance


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Hey everybody,

Just finished up my interview with Texas Wesleyan for St. Elizabeth Medical Center (Near Cincinnati). Took a short math/chem quiz, watched a standard intro video, and had a 20-minute long interview with 4 members of the admissions panel. They asked the standard intro questions about GPA (Undergrad=3.2), some clinical stuff (SWAN, Pulse-Ox, MI), and then the drugs (Nitro, Morphine, ASA, Epi, Isordil). The whole thing felt like it passed in 5 minutes! I think my credentials were up to par (CCRN, GRE >1250), but I'm still pretty nervous. The results will be in late January, too long to wait!!!



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That's awesome! I'm sure you did a great job. The wait is long but atleast you can enjoy the holiday without the thought of the interview hanging over your head. I signed up for the CCRN test...taking it in January.

good to hear that things went well. Let me know when you get accepted :)

I hope to be for the class of 2013

Good luck!

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Congrat in advance, i think u did good. if i may ask, are those the only question they ask u, my interview is coming up next month and am feaking out already, more help will do. thanks


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Has anyone heard anything yet, I know the last of the interviews at St Elizabeths near Cincinnati were done on Sun the 8th.

just wondering


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Ok, so the calls went out for St. Elizabeths in Edgewood, did anyone get a call?


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I am interviewing in two months for the Texas Wesleyan program. Any advice??

Its a panel of 4 interviewers. One of them for me was the Adv. Patho instructor. They all asked open ended clinical related questions depending on where your experience is in. Be prepared to answer anything from lab values, to medications, to pathophys of disease. Stay focused and good luck.


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What was the math test about?