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The question may be moot soon - programs housed in schools of nursing will have to go the the doctorate for entry into practice in 2015-ish.


I have just recently heard that the Masters Program will develop into a PhD program. Is this true? How will this work? I am a student now and I'm planning on becoming a CRNA. Would it be best to bite the bullet and enroll in a PhD program if possible instead of the masters programs that have not crossed over yet?

Where have you heard that? When will they be implementing this? To clarify, you mean that all of the Master's programs will be developing into PhD programs. And as others have said, the existing CRNA's will automatically be grandfathered in as having a PhD even if you just went to get your Master's?


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Are there any "good" programs in the south? I am looking in GA, TN, and AL

I am in the Samford University program in Birmingham, AL and highly recommend it. It is a newer program, the third class just started. The class size is smaller than other programs, which was a huge plus to me.

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