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Is there such a thing as being a CRNA without a MS? I keep reading about Post-Certifcate programs for CRNA's without MS degrees??? I thought all CRNA programs awarded MSNs? Am I wrong here?

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I understand that about 10 years or so CRNA education use to be specialized training after a BSN. It is just within the 90's the demand for MSN is now required.

I also understand that the goverment use to pay stipends monthly to assist with the students living expenses while going to school. It was understood that a student was under to much stress and too much time in education to be working as well. What happen to that. In my state just in the last year, state government was offering to pay off the loans for students graduating last year. This however, did nothing for the nurse who graduated years prior and were paying of loans. An I also know of someone who payed off all his loans very quickly but would not be reinbursed . So I guess when there is a need, they find the means to assist. But when they don't need you,oh well your on your own.

Do you think that the salaries that CRNAs are making now will remain high?



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I dont know, thats what i'm wondering myself. Anyone out there know?


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I believe the salaries of CRNAs will not get lower. Here in the market i'm in the salaries are constantly rising. Most CRNAs that I know in the area are making 150K+ benefits working for the large anesthesia group here. New grads are making 120-30K a year. From what I've heard these salaries are higher than other spots. is this true?J\W


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I am seeing the same numbers as you are, Brett. There seem to be some slight variation in regional locations, but not a whole lot. I think it's a supply and demand issue. Overall, there has been an historic shortage of anesthesia personell (both MD's and RN's), and the trend is reportedly going to continue.

As for certificates....there is a distinct historical parallel between CRNA programs and nursing programs in general. There were many, hospital-based "certificate" CRNA programs, that were not degree-granting (much like diploma RN programs). Many CRNA's practicing today have such a certificate, and some CRNA programs offer a Master's Degree program for those who wish to obtain one. Now, however, just as the BSN is now considered the entry-level degree for the RN, the MS (N) is considered to be the entry-level degree for the CRNA. Folks are divided about the nature of the Masters.... some feel strongly about it being an MS in Nursing, while others feel it appropriate to be in Nursing Anesthesia, (NOT an MSN), while others grant a Master's degree in Biology or Health Sciences. I'm pretty sure there is a thread on this board about that.


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Anyone know where I could call or look for a CRNA certificate program out there? All the ones I'm finding are for MSN???? Thanks.


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There are no CRNA certificate programs anywhere in the US anymore. For a number of years, the AANA has required that any program producing CRNA's must also grant master's degrees. We got our act together on educational requirements a long time before the ANA was able to do so. It's part of the reason that CRNA salaries are what they are.

Kevin McHugh

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