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Crna/anesthesiologist Relations

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hello everyone. I am new to the board and currently thinking of pursing nurse anesthesia as a career change. I am asking about the relationships between CRNA and anesthesiologists. I am all over the AANA website and it tells me lots of wonderful autonomy they have but then I wanted the other side of the coin and went to the ASA website and there were lots of gripes by anesthesiologists about their responsibilites being reduced, not wanting to teach SRNA's and lots of other sour grapes sounding comments. So how is it in the field???

If someone can relay their experiences with the anesthesiologists, what "supervision" really constitutes, call for CRNA but not anesthesiologists. . .everything you can to let me know what kind of environment (friendly or hostile) it is out there.

the pride of july!!!

thanx 1,000,000!!!

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I think it's somewhat more of a political hostility outside the OR than it is inside the OR. I know that the anesthesia group that does my hospital, the CRNAs are only "Medically Directed" 25% of the time. But I think that will vary from institution to institution. There are others here that know more than I do.

Good luck and welcome to the board


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Qwiigley has 11 years experience as a CRNA and specializes in Nurse Anesthetist.

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CRNAs pride themselves as being able and willing to work in a partnership relationship with MDAs. In California, we are not required to be supervised by a MDA. We can practice and bill on our own. But in the clinical site, all good practice involves the help of the entire team. If you can't seem to get a difficult airway and can't ventilate, it is more important to work as a team, ask for help

(whether you are a CRNA or MDA) and get the patient taken care of. Some CRNAs are better at fiberoptic intubations than MDAs, Some MDAs are better at other things than CRNAs.

Professionals work together, appreciate the other team's unique perspective and learn ffrom each other.

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