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Can anyone recommend a book that is a good resource for critical care

procedures? I am feeling a little inadequate with procedures we didn't

perform at my previous facility, and I want a place to go to look things

up other than the facility's procedure manual (fairly useless). A friend

of mine swears by The ICU Book, but I found it a bit too technical at

times. One that includes pathophys would be good too. Thanks!!!


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they very best resource for you as a newbie???? the policy and proceedures manual in your unit...not only will this protect you in a court of law..but it is so regulated it is simple to read and fairly understandable.. also..remember you will not learn some ICU skills right off the bat without alot of exposure and practice...Swan-Ganz come to mind...the best teachers are the nurses you work with...find someone you feel comfortable with..someone you can trust and whose style you like...and above all...get into every room you can that has alot going on iin it...if only you run for will learn what to well as see what the nurses role is !!! best of luck to you!!!:) ;)

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Check out this website:

Haven't worked ICU for 10 years, so not aware current book.

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