What do I need to know to be an ICU RN

  1. hi guys,

    i am medical surgical nurse and I want to become and ICU nurse. I just got ICU nursing made incredibly easy and Ekg interpretation made incredibly easy books to start. I am planning on taking ACLS. My questions are:

    1) what is the best way to learn most medications that are used in the ICU? Is there a good book. Has any one done the AACN CRITICAL CARE PHARMACOLOGY course? Is it worth the $$$?
    2) what about AACN Badic ECG interpretation 2.0?
    3) beside ACLS what can I study that will better prepare me for getting a job in the ICU?

    Thank you guys so much for your help
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  3. by   Esme12
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    Here is a great website....icufaqs.org, any course that teaches EKG's and rhythm recognition, hemodynamics/PA line/Swan Ganz, drugs/drips for ICU.
  4. by   Kitesurfing bum
    I've precepted quite a few new grads and seasoned med/surg nurses. From my experience, the number 1, most important factor is: attitude.

    You sound like you're on the right track and eager to learn. The nurses who can't hack it in the ICU are those who come in and cannot take constructive criticism, especially from a younger, less experienced (time-wise) nurse. If they are not receptive to new ideas and methods they will fail. If they put in no effort outside of work to expand their knowledge they have no business being in the ICU. There have been many nurses who are not extremely smart, BUT they have the attitude and desire to learn... and they are very successful in the ICU.

    Be a sponge. Get thick skin. Don't respond with "I know that" or "I was going to do that" or "that's what I was thinking." We want you to succeed, that is our goal.

    As far as learning... There's a ton of podcasts I like. Here's 2 to get you started.

    ICU rounds