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  1. A warning to all my fellow CVICU travel nurses out there: don't go to CHI St Vincent in Little Rock. It looks like great money, but you can use NONE of your skills because the surgeons don't trust the travelers. Contracts have been canceled left and right because of the main surgeon. He's like a toddler on a power trip, throwing tantrums. Today, he yelled at me because I didn't run in the room when he arrived. Seriously?! Are we stuck in the 1950's around here? I was actually looking up labs and reading the h & p not 5 foot away from him but it was at the cubby right OUTSIDE the room. The interview says that they want you to have all this open heart experience but they triple you with the long term patients and stick you at the end of the hall with zero help.
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    Make sure to leave a review of this facility Facilities Database
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    Please provide the link to the others that have been cancelled so people can avoid the facility. Thank you for helping the cause.