Trauma ICU

  1. Hi Everyone! I am a new nurse who will be starting in Trauma ICU in just a few days. I'm looking for some pointers from all those " Senior Nurses" out there. What are some things I should look up and focus on before I begin. I'm so nervous,&nbsp; I fill like I'm going to be in over my head! :-/ <BR>Thanks!
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    I don't think you can cram for trauma ICU.

    Put a big smile on your face, be a sponge and soak up everything you can, and remember
    to 'gel in - gel out' when going in and out of the rooms.

    Have fun!
  4. by   Sun0408
    Take an extra set of clothes to work. Know the supplies need to put in a ventric, A-line, central line, chest tube. Know what your room will need before the pt arrives and set it up.. Tubing, suction, clean gown, wash clothes, bandages etc..

    Nothing is more exciting than landing a fresh trauma and assisting the MD. Cleaning the pt and getting them stable and ready for family to come in..

    Listen to the "experienced" nurses talk to the family and explain what is going on, what this is for.. Listen to the MD's talk to the family, when he or she leaves, they will ask you more questions.. Know what you can and can not say..

    Know your drips for hypo/hypertension and your units max.

    You will see a lot of head injuries and knowing how to do a good neuro assessment is key. You will see some amazing and very sad things. Just keep watching, listening and asking