Transitioning from Floor to Critical Care

  1. I did my 6 weeks of orientation with flying colors. I thought I was doing well, learning every day, and getting better. I was a floor nurse for only a year before the transition and I am 40 years old so I don't look like a new grad at all, even though I have only been a nurse for 1.75 years. I try to help other people and try really hard to take care of my patients but I guess people feel I am too much of a burden and not a team player. I don't want to be perceived that way at all. I am somewhat of an introvert but I do ask people if they need anything. But people talk and now, that is all I am perceived as. Which I had no clue about when my manager called me in. No one has said anything to me, not even the charge.

    I'm not completely failing, or I think I would have been long gone by now. My manager hears good things about me too. But alot of the good I do, I feel gets unnoticed.

    I want to do well. I want to transition well. Any advice?
    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   brownbook
    Your manager said your co-workers perceive you as a burden and not a team player. In those exact words. That is pretty harsh and would destroy my delicate ego!

    Find some courage somewhere inside you and ask you manager for another meeting. Ask her for some help or ideas on what you are doing wrong? Identifying the problem is half the solution. From what you posted you are not doing anything wrong. Remember they have invested a lot of money in you, they do not want to let you go, it costs a lot to orient a new nurse.

    And please don't label yourself. Your age, how long you have been a nurse, that you are an introvert. None of that helps!

    The older I get the more I realize I can change, (even at age 66), the more I HATE labels. I used to label myself as an introvert. So I acted like an introvert and used it as an excuse for how I behaved around co-workers. In my quiet lonely corner I watched newer nurses meet and greet everyone and quickly become friendly with co-workers, doctors, etc. which just reinforced my, "poor me I am an introvert" self talk.

    I was able to change, I am not ever going to win the Miss Popularity sash, but I have changed and regret all the years I sat in the corner feeling sorry for myself!
  4. by   Dohardthings
    Thanks so much. I only give my age and experience to explain a perception that being older, I should be more experienced but I am not.
  5. by   brownbook
    I understand, honest I do but it is still kind of negative thinking.

    Obsessing (my word and I know I am exaggerating) on your "old" age and lack of experience are useless to bring up.

    "I shoulds" is negative thinking. It implies you should be doing something different or better.

    Well..... you can't change your age and you can't change your nursing get over it. .

    Say that to yourself and subconsciously to your co-workers, every time you go to work!

    Obviously your manager and human resources see you as someone who is an asset to the hospital. They knew your age and nursing experience!