Tool needed for restraints in critical care

  1. I work in a CCU and we have been looking at our utilization of restraints, and we use them 50% more than hospitals our size so I have been put in charge of researching how other hospitals do this, how they decide to put someone in restraints, when they decide to take them out, and if they are using any specific tools to help them decide (algorithms, flowsheets, etc.) I am particularly wondering about ventilated patients since this is mainly where our restraints come into play. We have protocols in place to do spontaneous awakening trials every shift to try to wean patients off sedation and hopefully off the ventilator, as those two go hand in hand, but other ideas are greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ClauICURN
    We use mittens for ventilator patients (which in our hospital are not considered restraints), and they work pretty well. If the patient is appropriately sedated usually there is no need for restraints, and the majority of our patients can be coached/reassured during sedation vacation and don't need to be restrained at all beyond just the mittens. On a few occasions we have used wrist restraints, but it's very rare maybe twice this year.
  4. by   Andee137
    Do you mind me asking what state you work in? Thanks!