Running multiple drips into one line - page 2

I just wanted to ask how you all prefer to manage running multiple drips together into one line? I'm specifically thinking about pressors....For example, a patient who is on Levo, Neo, Vaso and Epi... Read More

  1. by   CalvinJ
    Id go for a manifold myself. The most important part of titrating pressors in one line/lumen is just as you thought... Not running one to a bolus and with a manifold - usually a 5-way manifold, all the drips go in as equal as how you really want the drug to go in depending on your titration so one wouldn't be flushing the other just in case you titrate one up and increasing its rate. In my experience, the runner (the fluid that runs on the main lumen and meets the other ports) is the key to effective titration. I usually run it at around 40cc/hr but depends on the patient's fluid status.