1. Hey guys,

    So, I took my CCRN exam for the first time, and passed! Good luck to whoever is taking it soon! Going into the exam, I thought that I should have started studying sooner, but I studied hard for a couple of weeks, and it ended up working out.

    In the end, it's just an exam. But, I do have a better understanding of patho in my weaker areas through reviewing, and learned more about critical care along the way. And, I missed the challenge of taking exams that make you think, so it was worth the time taking practice tests. Was a much less cost prohibitive way of being able to feel like a student again lol.

    Enjoy the process!
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  3. by   Lovelymo79
    Congrats! I take mine tomorrow...yikes!
  4. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Best of luck to you today! Just relax, focus, and be sure to eat a good lunch or breakfast (depending on when you're taking it) before you go into the exam! . I really had no idea if I passed or failed as I was taking it, but just did my best; don't let anxiety get to you, like "I didn't know that one, I didn't know that one, I'm going to fail!" Things like that you want to avoid. Just have confidence that you either made a good educated guess or you knew enough of them to get that 89 correct .