1. Hi Everyone,
    I'll be taking my CCRN in a couple of days. I started studying the beginning of this month, focusing on materials and reading books. I recently started doing the PASS CCRN CD, and I've been getting 90's/150 on the practice exam. Anyone else had the same experience and passed the CCRN exam? My scores are really stressing me out and making me more and more anxious.
    Please help, any information would be very very useful.
    Thanks so much!

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  3. by   SRNA2011
    I also used the PASS CCRN CD for practice questions and passed the CCRN exam this year. I was scoring the same as you on the practice exams and felt these questions were similar to the real questions on the actual CCRN exam.

    Other than the PASS CCRN CD, you could also try AACN's CCRN Adult Self-Assessment Exam. It's $50 and is an online exam with 60 questions, including rationales that "mirrors the content outline of the actual CCRN exam". I purchased this as another test to practice beforehand because after a while the PASS CCRN CD will reuse and recycle the same questions, which made my score falsely higher since I already knew the answer.

    Don't worry, I wouldn't get too caught up with your score. You are on the right path- just keep doing lots of practice questions and review and read the rationales after. You could also focus on your weak areas to help improve your scores. I hope my information helps, good luck on your CCRN!!!
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    SRNA2011, Thank you for the encouraging words =) I will let you know how it goes.
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    SRNA2011, I purchased the practice exam from the AACN website. I took the exam, but only received 41/60. I'm due to take my CCRN exam tomorrow. That's only 68%. What do you think?
  6. by   Blackczar22
    First off, good luck on the CCRN exam. This is how I studied and passed the first time. I watched AACNs CCRN Review videos, I also listened to laura gasparis cds anytime im driving to anywhere and even I put it on my ipod for on the go. Then I did questions from PASS CCRN CD. I tried to do one exam a day which is 150 questions, and then I review. The more questions you do, the more improved your test scores will be. I was getting about 130 range towards the end of my studying. Take notes of things not clear to you and go back to it later to brush up. And make sure you are strong in Cardiac and Pulmonary and I'm sure you'll do just fine.

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  7. by   SRNA2011
    Quote from avillam2
    SRNA2011, I purchased the practice exam from the AACN website. I took the exam, but only received 41/60. I'm due to take my CCRN exam tomorrow. That's only 68%. What do you think?
    Hi avillam2,

    I think I scored somewhere around 65-70% on the AACN Practice Exam as well, so you should still be okay. I'm sure you prepared yourself well for this exam, just remember to not panic and take your time during the test. The majority of the CCRN exam questions are Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Professional Caring and Ethical Practice. If you are taking it via computer, you will receive a CCRN Score Report that tells you if you passed/failed as well as your percentage score in each category. I wish you the best, let me know how it goes & good luck today!!!
  8. by   avillam2
    SRNA2011 and Blackczar22,

    thank you both for your advice and guidance.
    I passed the exam this afternoon =)
    I am so thankful and gracious!
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    Good Job
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    Congrats Avillam...way to go.
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    Hello... I am new to the forum but would like to say that I took my CCRN on August 1st and PASSED (the first time) I studied for about 7 weeks for it. I think working in the SICU also helped me alot. Good luck to all future CCRN' can do it!