Parkland PCU/SICU Residency 2017

  1. I'd love some insight into this unit at Parkland. It's my understanding you are trained as an ICU nurse if you join the team as a PCU nurse. However, what is the likelihood that you can eventually work the ICU? Also, what are some typical patients/procedures the PCU nurse would see on this SICU unit other than multiple drips?
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  3. by   RN2be1988
    Hi esrun17,

    Will you be in the June starting class? I am. I would love to see if anyone is able to give us some insight on your question. I would love to know the answer. I'm so excited to start either way.
  4. by   Renzo13
    Currently a LVN transitioning to RN (ASN) at TJC graduation is in December 2017, I have always admired how proactive and accepting Parkland is towards novice nurses and ready to teach. Going into my last semester I have developed an attachment towards the ICU, I believe for the amount of knowledge, the way it helps to develop critical thinking skills and how the nurses seem to work together. My question is since I am graduating in the winter are these kinds of coharts available as they are during the summer, does anyone know how the hospital is towards accepting and hiring RN, ASN geared towards ICU or being accepted to a residency that is? Any information is appreciated and welcomed.
  5. by   RN2be1988
    Hi Renzo13,
    I'm an LVN finishing my LVN-RN bridge. I graduate in May and applied to Parkland and got a residency in SICU. I'm getting my ASN. I know of many people in my class who are getting their ASN and got hired into the residencies at Parkland. However, we all work for parkland already. I say its always worth a try. You never know. My new manager is so awesome and if they like you enough they will not let you not having a BSN in the way of hiring you, I believe. Good luck in your journey. You will be done before you know it. Hope this helps.
  6. by   Renzo13
    Thanks it does help, I gave them a call on today but need to call back Monday. Going into the last semester in August but we do get time off in the sumer so going to spend it trying to network with the hospital and get myself out there a little bit just feel like it might be a little hard to do with my living in the east texas area but im going to try anyway, feel that Parkland would give me a great experience and great introduction to CCnursing and the RN role. Congrats to you on the graduation.
  7. by   esrun17
    Hi RN2be1998,

    I will be starting in June also. Also, excited to start but was still hoping for more insight into the culture of the department
  8. by   adn0021
    Currently, they consider the ICU/PCU the same unit. Even the ICU nurses are required to rotate through the PCU when it's their turn. You are right in the fact that you will be trained in the ICU. There are a total of 4 phases, and you spend 3 of the 4 phases training in the ICU. From my understanding, when they are hiring for ICU positions in the future, they will first select from the PCU nurses before hiring from the outside. So, your chances of working in the ICU are very high if you don't mind waiting for a little while. In the PCU you will have a total of 3 patients at a time that can vary anywhere between surgical, medicine, cardiac and neuro. So you see a wide variety of patient populations. Thats why it's kind of hard to say what you will see because it is always changing. It is a good stepping-stone to becoming an ICU nurse and recognize changes in patient acuity.
  9. by   almostBSNRN
    How was the interview for the PCU/SICU?!