nursing student looking to get into Trauma ER nursing once graduated

  1. I am currently in nursing school and was wondering what I need to do or what certifications I need to have in order to be in this field and where to apply for them?
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  3. by   Esme12
    Yes......well to start I would look for an ER residency. It is very difficult for a new grad to being in the ED. The very nature of the environment is overwhelming and as a new nurse you are just learning how to organize your thoughts and your is a real challenge and many departments do not hire new grads.

    It happens but the positions are few and far between. Browse the ER forum there are a ton of threads about new grads in the ED from the new grads that have both tried and succeeded and those who needed to step away for a while and return later.

    As you are still in your pre reqs.....I would concentrate on getting great grades and getting in the program.....many nurses start off with one idea of what they want to specialize in and find they want another in school.

    Become the best nurse you can be and specialize later. I wish you the very best on your nursing journey!