New Grad in ICU - page 2

Hi All! Okay, I just graduated in May 2012. I start working next week and this is my first job as a RN out of nursing school so I have no previous RN experience. I want to know if anyone can... Read More

  1. by   Lali1118RN
    Did not find out yet, very anxious about it. I guess i will email them again next week. Lets see. I will keep u guys posted!
  2. by   Rl3232
    What helped me, after every shift I have a list of things I did or saw that I would like to investigate more. Read immediately after shift, to absorb more. Don't do things or give meds you don't understand but after shifts read again about xyz and you will learn even more.
  3. by   my_purpose
    Does concept mapping help anyone new grad learn. I find that If I make a list if problems or diagnosis', write down how treated and nursing interventions ( dos and donts) that it helps me to understand the care that I am supposed to provide. Does anyone have other suggestions?
  4. by   chelle711i
    This is really great feedback. I'm taking my boards next week, and I have considered applying for CICU. I've always loved the cardiovascular system (best subject in nursing school), so I feel like I'd do fairly well in this area. I would work cardio in general if I wasn't trying to go ahead and get experience under my belt to become a CRNA in the future. I graduated last May, and after taking Hurst and Kaplan, I feel confident enough to take my boards again. Please keep the suggestions rolling!