Mentally Drained

  1. I am a nurse in the ICU, mostly neuro and open hearts. Does anyone have some suggestions to get my energy going towards the end of my shift? The last 3 hours of my 12-13 hour shift I am so mentally drained. I often feel like I am driving home in a haze thinking I forgot to do something or hoping I charted everything correctly. Thanks for the tips!
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    That's why I always try to take my lunch break off the unit. To get away from it all, even if only for enough time to run for a snack and come right back.
  4. by   wooh
    Get off the unit for a few minutes. The break makes a nice "reset" for the brain. If you can find some fresh air and sunshine (or moonlight), then even better. (I like to escape to our helipad.)