Icu Nursing isn't for me help - page 3

Looking for advice! I am a relatively new RN-bsn, almost 2 years in, all day shift critical care. I also worked as a cna in the same department during nursing school. So I feel that I have given... Read More

  1. by   nurseman78
    I know this is old but I'll just add my two cents: I've done ICU for about four years. Went to CRNA school, had a bad experience, dropped out, now back in ICU, don't like it. Looking to get out permanently. I've floated to train in clinics and cath lab, which were a lot of fun. Totally different. Nursing isn't just floor/ICU nursing. There is a wealth of jobs available for nurses that you may love. I am looking into endoscopy, cath lab, EP lab, IR, home health, dialysis, research... You don't have to work in inpatient nursing. That is just one small area that our training covers.
  2. by   Tbutbu
    I have colleagues that have jumped ship and were to GI and IR. They both get to use some of their ICU skiils and are extremely happy!