critical care certificate vs CORN2

  1. Hello all,

    I just accepted a position in the ICU (a program for new grads, where there is 3 months of training). During the interview it was stated that they have a partnership with a college for nurses to complete their critical care certificate. I didn't get anymore information as it was an interview and i didn't want to pry. Anyhow, my question is, do you think i should sign up for a critical care certificate while just starting to work this new ICU job or wait a while? or do you think i should work while completing CORN2? ..if i complete the certificate, do i even need to take CORN2 separately? ..

    As you can tell im very confused as too my next steps, im not sure if i should just focus on work or go to work plus sign up for the certificate or just do some couses. I dont want to be too eager and end up losing money in the long run but im also very ambitious

    Also, should i pay for ACLS myself or do you think they will later on..maybe 6 months into employment?

    any advise would be great! Thank you all.
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  3. by   CowboyMedic
    CCRN is the gold standard of critical care certificates and you have to have 1750 hours within a two year period to be able to sit for it.
  4. by   nancyx
    Hi there,

    Not sure where you are from, but I just accepted a sponsored ICU job in Toronto. So this is my experience. If you have just accepted this ICU position, they will pay for you to attend the course and obtain your certificate as well as pay you a salary to attend school! (Amazing, right?) You would most likely be obligated to work for them for a contracted amount of time, usually two years. If you leave the job before this amount of time, you would have to pay them back for the course fees.

    To answer your question, do not sign up for a critical care certificate! They will enrol you in it.
    Also, do not sign up for coronary two (just yet in case it interferes with your 3 month full-time program). The critical care certificate offered will encompass basic ECG and 12 lead interpretation that will be more than enough for your ICU work. As you start working, if you feel that you want more knowledge in this area, I would recommend taking Coronary 2 after.

    Also... I took ACLS prior to landing this ICU job and paid out of pocket to add on to my resume :P. But I found out that my hospital will certify their own staff for free. So... if I were you I would wait since you already landed the job! (Also critical care certificate will teach you ACLS).
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    Thank you so much!
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    Is there a national requirement for sitting for the CCRN? I haven't heard of that but don't want to waste my money if they won't recognize it. Also I'm taking a test prep class in a few weeks any other studying recommendations?