Any books recomendations?

  1. Hey guys! I'm hoping to get hired into ICU soon and was wondering if there are books you recommend to impress the hiring manager and potentially help me learn to be a good icu nurse?

    Your input is much appreciated, thanks!
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    Thanks!! Im going to order a couple of those.
  5. by   amiodarone3
    I wouldn't worry about overloading yourself with books upon books to read. Get yourself one book...specifically one you can reference if needed. A good critical care book (the book from nursing school did great for me, it was amazing looking back to now and how much I can put relavence on and how much of it makes so much more sense) and a pocket guide (I used "the ICU book" by marino). the rest will come with time.

    As a side note-do not come off trying to impress the manager too much. You want to seem teachable and impressionable in your new environment.e
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    Quote from amiodarone3
    . You want to seem teachable and impressionable in your new environment.e
    I think this is most important trait in a new grad regardless of where you are working, but particularly in ICU.

    Personally, I signed up the AACN pretty soon after I started in the ICU. They have a ton of info for free or a small fee, tons of free CEUs as well as online webinars. Best of all, it won't outdate like a book will. Chances are your hospital has a continuing ed allowance for the year and then it'll be free! Even if it's not, having that professional organization membership is just something to be proud of!