Air Bubble in 6 week old baby

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    I'm not a nurse but I have a question for all of you and I would appreciate an accurate answer and sound advice. My baby girl stayed in the hospital last weekend (she was 6 weeks old at the time) for a fever of 100.6. They placed an iv, drew blood, chest xray, spinal tap all the precautionary tests done for a baby under 8 weeks with fever, everything came out fine. What I'm so angered about is as my daughter was getting her antibiotics every 6 hrs a nurse came on for the shift that first night (7p-7a) and every single time she would place the syringe of antibiotic onto much babies iv line to be pushed in, there would be bubbles of air about half an inch to an inch in size all throughout the iv line which began to really bother me and I started pointing them out to her she kept twlling me its no big deal. At one point in the night she placed the antibiotic on and walked out and when I checked the line there was a good 10 inches of air (no exageration) in the line. I called her immediately and tild her to stop the iv and flush it out right away, I was so upset, I asked her if she had seen that and she said no. I told her I will refuse the antibiotic if this is going to keep happening. She acted very irritated but from then on she actually started flushing the line and there was no more problem. I complained to the pediactricians and the nurse manager about what happened and all seemed like it wasn't a big deal so I'm asking you guys would you allow that much air in a 6wk olds iv line ? I don't understand why anyone would even want to chance that ? Its been two weeks now and I'm still very upset, is there more complaining I should do? I am not here to bag on nurses at all I respect everything you all do and appreciate the profession so much, just want opinions...thank you
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    In sorry but you need to discuss this with the child's physician. As per the site terms of service that were agreed to when signing up members can neither request nor offer medical advice. Good luck.