Critical Care Neuropathy


I need to develop a plan of care for a patient, and one of their diagnoses is Critical Care Neuropathy. I know what sensory, diabetic, and autonomic neuropathy are, but not this kind. Are they similar? There is no information in my books on this disorder, and I couldn't find anything online.

Can someone please help me out and let me know where I can find more information on this disorder?

Thank you!

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Okay, you intrigued me enough to get all my books out. I couldn't find any description for a "critical care neuropathy" however some of the medications given may cause a neuropathy....dilantin, barbituates. There is malnutrition neuropathy but that is usually associated with an alcohol-related illness. I'm sorry I can't help you more. Are you sure it was written correctly? Was it supposed to be a "Critical care psychosis"?

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We are using that diagnosis to describe the, in some cases, profound weakness we are seeing in some long term ventilated patients. It is caused by a combination of sedation, severe illness/sepsis and in some cases nutritional deficit as well as renal compromise.

I found some GOOD links :D;jsessionid=CT3rPxC1QzlA9lKagKstMlUjDZosWNk2uaqaQB29iIBnLaN27v7M!-1826700870!-949856032!9001!-1


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WOW Thank you SO MUCH! Those were indeed excellent sites, and now my patient's apparently random peripheral weakness and intolerance of vent weaning are explained! Before I just had a bunch of nursing diagnoses... now I have a medical diagnosis to connect them with! Thank you!!

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good job gwenith, thanks!

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