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:bluecry1: My friend and I are in a crises. We were both accepted in the LPN program last fall of 2005. We failed the Dosage Cal and thought we would be able to take the program over when it started back up according to our practial nursing handbook. Upon trying to get back in, I was sent a letter stating that my grade point average would not let me back into the program. When my friend didn't recieve her letter she called them and when they responded to her, they told her they would have to get back with her on the situation. They also told her that they were only considering the new students grade point average and the old students on something else. My friend has the grade point. She's upset about this. I've decided to apply to other colleges and she wants to fight this. She has made an appointment with the student services. They have called her and now they are telling her they're just not accepting any transfer or returnig students at this time. They have done the damage now. When they sent me letter stating they had look at my grade point average, they were saying they were considering an old student for the program. She has set up an appointment with the president of student services. Please give me your input on this situation in regards to whether we are doing the right thing in fighting this problem. Please give feedback. Thanks:lol2:


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While we feel really bad about your situation, I don't think any of our members will understand all aspects of this issue well enough to offer sound advice. I do wish you the best of luck in whatever path you pursue.

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