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Criminal Convictions

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Hi All!

My Best Friend & I are in our final semester of our LVN program...& we recieved her packets to get us started on the OBON(Ohio Board of Nursing) application process. She however is really nervous because when she was 18 she was arrested for shop lifting and convicted. They called it I think petty theft. She has since had it expunged about 5 years ago, it happened 10yrs ago. We searched the OBON website & we were looking at the disqualifying offenses for employment & licensure and it was not one of the offenses but she is still nervous because she has went through the program and has accured all the student loan debt. She works now as a STNA and had no problem getting her certificate for that or finding employment. She is ready to drop out and find another career. Can anyone give any information on if its possible for her to be denied? Also she has not been in trouble since for anything not even traffic violations...Please Help!! Thanx!

She'll need to mark YES to the question about prior criminal offenses but it is not a disqualifying mark. Even felony theft has to have two convictions to restrict your license and even then, you are just barred from working with older adults.


Specializes in gero., peds., maternity rotations.

Thank You ForeverLaur:

I really appreciate your response! Since I posted that she has decided not to quit and see where it goes, but I'm pretty sure that this will give her a lot more hope! So thank you again!:)


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