Creighton University Medical Center vs. Nebraska Medical Center for first RN job??


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I am new BSN graduate from Minnesota who recently moved to Omaha to pursue my DNP in Acute Care/Cardiology at Creighton University. Before entering my advance courses I need 2,000 hours of RN experience. I have been offered multiple jobs and am trying to decide which place would allow me to achieve the best experience for my future practice.

The positions I am deciding between is at Creighton University Medical Center on their Trauma floor and at Nebraska Medical Center on their Cardiac floor. Both jobs are the same shift, roughly the same pay/benefits and their orientation and opportunities are very similar as well.

I was just curious if anyone has/had any experiences in these hospitals and have any suggestions or helpful input ?

Thank you!

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For a relatively small city, Omaha has an excellent health care opportunities, for both patients and professionals. Few communities of our size are home to 1, let alone 2 medical schools backed by high quality facilities.

Uncharacteristically, I don't have a strong opinion to offer you. Both the Med. Ctr. and Creighton have excellent reputations, and deservedly so. I have experience with the telemetry unit at the Med. Ctr. and would have no problem recommending it. If that's your interest, I believe you would be well served there. The neighborhood surrounding the Med. Ctr. is somewhat more favorable than that immediately surrounding Creighton, although serious safety issues are rare at either facility.

I have no direct experience with Creighton, other than attending conferences presented by the trauma team, which were excellent. Trauma services for the area alternate between the 2 facilities on even/odd days, so both are designated as Level III Trauma facilities.

Creighton discontinued their association with Tenet Healthcare a year or so ago and have now affiliated with Alegent, a large, local healthcare system with numerous hospitals, clinics and out patient facilities in Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. Creighton University Medical Center (aka St. Joe's Hospital to the locals) is the flagship facility of this new system, and also the oldest hospital. There has been information this week in the Omaha World Herald about plans to either renovate this facility, move inpatient services to other hospitals in the system (most notably Bergen Mercy Hospital), or build a new facility. I don't know if that is of interest to you in your decision-making, but it sounds likely that Creighton's trauma services may one day be located somewhere other than their current location.

Welcome to our fair city and good luck in your new job, whatever it may be!

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So jealous you get to live in Omaha! Good luck! :)


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Hi KassieAnn! Could you please share your experience with Creighton University? I am interested in applying to their BSN-DNP program as well. Thank you


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Hi KassieAnn! Could you please share your experience with Creighton University? I am interested in applying to their BSN-DNP program as well. Thank you!