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27 credits per quarter??

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OK, so I'm finally going to start LPN school at the end of September. I registered for classes and I nearly fainted when I looked at my schedule. There are 27 credits in the first quarter! :no: The most I have ever taken per quarter was 10 credits, and that kept me pretty busy. How can one possibly manage to cram in that much information in 11 weeks? I'm starting to panic a little here. I'm a good student, had As in all my pre-reqs, but like I said, I never took on too much at once. How many credits do you have/did you have per quarter in your LPN program? How did you handle it? I need a little encouragement. :scrying:

Do you have clinicals first semester?

The way out program does it, it looks like a lot more than it actually is because some of the classes end week 5, and others don't begin until week 6. For instance, our Fundamentals of Nursing and Fundamentals Lab both go for 5 weeks. When those two are done, we start Med Surg, Lab, and Clinical. Pharm is the only one that lasts the entire 16 weeks.


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indymom, thanks for your response. I don't think they schedule clinicals in the first quarter. I will have all seven classes at the same time, meaning I'll have two classes on Monday, three others on Tuesday, etc. So they knock them out over the whole quarter. I guess I'll have to get used to studying until my head falls off.


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Hello, you sound like me a few months ago. I got our schedule and realized we take 22 credits the first term (with 1 day of clinicals), 26 hours the 2nd term (with 1 day of clinicals) and 19 hours the 3rd term (and 3 days of clinicals). All of our classes run the entire 15 weeks of the term. Yes - you WILL study until your head falls off. And then study some more. LPN school is fun and exciting; we are learning so much. BUT it is NOT easy! It takes up a LOT of time. It's very doable but it requires a lot of sacrifice. Good luck to you!

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