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Credit Evaluation from CGFNS and Nepal Nursing Council


hi i am a nures from nepal and did credential evaluation service from cgfns now the problem is in my country the nepal nursing council doesn't put date on my graduation they only put the year but cgfns want month and date i don't know how do i explain to cgfns please help me

thank you

You should try to send one of your relatives in Nepal to go to their office in Bhaktapur, and fix it. It is also possible for you to send a letter to the office requesting the complete date, send this letter not to bhaktaput but to your relative, the relative can take it to them and pay them for expedited shipping, remember RN office in bhaktapur needs to mail directly to cgfns.

Oh I forgot to say, good luck!

Hi I am nurse from Nepal... I have applied for credential verification for new York board.. It has been about 6 months nursing council from my country did not reply to Cgfns till now...I tired to contact nursing council in Nepal but they are moved to different place, so could not get any information.. It has been 6 months.. My application will expire in 180 days....if it expire I hav to fill another application for Cgfns.. So I want to know when the Nepal nursing council will reply to Cgfns & how to contact Nepal nursing council..since they have moved to different place.. Thank you

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CGFNS will forward everything they receive usually after 6 months so you can either supply CGFNS will new address or wait and see what NY wants after they review your application and CVS

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