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Credit Confused

by ambitiousmom ambitiousmom (New) New

I am currently going to Tallahassee community college. On my degree progress tracker it say AA transfer university to FAMU. 60 credits needed. But looking on tcc or and other nursing program website it says for ADN 30 general education classes and 42 clinicals then for the BSN 45 general education credits with 33 clinicals. So do I do 60 or follow the nursing curriculum

iPink, BSN, RN

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Why are you looking at other nursing program's website to confuse you even more. If you have any questions about your program, you should be addressing them to the Student records/Admissions office to clarify.

You need to decide what you want; do you want to go for your ADN at TCC, or do you want to continue for your AA (60 credits) and then go to FAMU to receive your BSN? If you are asking for opinions, I would acquire the AA degree, then go for the BSN; you would get your BSN quicker than going the ADN route followed by doing a RN to BSN program.

Only you can decide which path is right for you.

The guidance counselor only ask what do I want to major in and that's it.TCC only offer a AS degree not a 4 year.

Correct, so if you were to stay at TCC you would only be able to obtain a ADN degree. I am assuming you want to obtain a BSN, hence the AA degree.

Yes, I want my BSN. So I do need the 60 AA transfer credits including the history and 24 electives, and not just the 45 Prerequisite Courses requirements for FAMU's BSN.

As long as TCC knows you are look to obtain your BSN, the 60 credits required for your AA degree should contain the 45 credit hours needed for FAMU's BSN program.

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No matter what anyone says on this message board you need to CONFIRM FOR YOURSELF with the schools what will transfer and what will not.