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For one of my classes, we have to give group presentations on different subjects (ours is the skeletal system, including 3 disorders of bones). I don't want to just stand in front of the class and drone on about the subject (especially since our classmates participate in our grading), so I'd love to hear ideas about how you've spiced up your own presentations. FWIW, our teacher is VERY laid-back and has a great sense of humor, so anything goes! Thanks in advance...

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That's great for you!

Not sure how this would work in to your presentation, but a friend of mine presented a class on Aging and how to stay healthy, she used a theme of the health train. She used a tri-fold poster board and made a tRAIN ON IT W EACH CAR BEING a system, and if you lifeted up the flap, she had prevention inside. Like for the M/S system, inside was exercise to help preventn osteoporosis, etc.

I did mine on aging and Aging, how to weather the storm, where the rain drops were systems, and thunderbolts were diseases, then I had umbrellas of wellness with preventive meanures underneath.

I think using some kind of theme is always a good way to go.

You could do a jeopardy game, just use construction papre folded over with answer on one side and questoin inside, taped to the wall. Or, how about a game like Operation where your buddies have to pull out bones and tell what their function is??

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