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Cpnre this september2017

Karen07 Karen07 (New) New

Anyone from toronto Ontario who will take the Cpnre this September 2017. Can you recommend a review materials and preparation course? Please email me karen070602@gmail.com. Thank you😊

Take advantage of the current ASI from cno website + current prep guide (5th ed) + Saunders PN.... Really know ur nursing assessment, interventions, meds for each system. You'll be fine as long as you study those. Stay positive. Goodluck!

Hi. Are you from Toronto? Because I am international educated students and I'm planning to register for prep course..any recommendation? Thank you

Yes. I did not do any prep course, I just studied those review materials I mentioned. If you think you need to do a prep course, then go for it... or study by yourself or with a group.

For prep course, check their website:

Toronto School of Health

HCPT College


Among the three.. any top of the list I really need help in choosing the prep course. Would you mind if you send your some review materials please . Here's my email karen070602@gmail.com.


Any from the first two ;)

if u don't mind, where r u from?

I'm from Philippines.í ½í¸Šthanks

Hi coolette16 can you pls send me too a reviewer? i will take exam this september as well. thanks in advance

Hi. Are you considering to register for a prep course for cpnre?..

Hi Karen..No Im not im just doing a self review


Just review the NCLEX-PN Saunder's book and ASI prepguides and ASI exams online, you're good to go!

You already have the knowledge. Just give yourself enough time to review the above-mentioned materials.

Recommended these to two of my IEN friends and they both passed:)

Why spending thousands to review centres when you can do self review.Enrolling doesn't guarantee a 100% pass though

Thank you..í ½í¸Š


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