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I have a problem with this particular question on the CPNRE predictor test. I have done this practice test about 3 times and i have never been able to correctly answer this question. It is a math problem and it will be of a great help if someone could help me understand how to solve it.

The question is:

The client has an IV with a drop factor of 10drops/mL. The IV is to run 100mL per hour. Only a total of 50mL has infused since the assessment 1 hour ago. What action should the practical nurse do?

Sorry if any one is uncomfortable with me posting a CPNRE question but i really need help with this one.

Thank you in advance

Do you know how to calculate drip rates? I don't like the wording of the question. It states the rate in ml/hr but doesn't state the total volume. If we were to ASSUME

100 ml is the total volume, then calculate the drip rate.

Think of what else you want to look for though. What do you look at first and foremost when a patient is connected to anything? The patient. Check the IV site right? Make sure it's not infiltrating. Then look at your tubing. Any kinks? Count per minute the drops. If it is lower than your calculated drip rate, what would you do?

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I know how to calculate the drip rate. The question is worded strangely and i agree with you on that.

I will add what the options are so you have an idea of what the question is looking for

a) Ensure that the flow rate is 25drops per minute

b) Ensure that the flow rate is 17drops per minute

c) Increase the IV rate to 125mL per hour for the next hour

d) Increase the IV rate to 150mL per hour for the next hour

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